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Fortune's Keep: Dig up 3 buried treasure piles (Pocket Sand Challenge)

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Season 4's event Mercenaries of Fortune is underway. It comes with 8 challenges. Here is how to compelete Pocket Sand "Dig up 3 piles of buried treasure on Fortune's Keep".


Season 4 brings us a new event called Mercenaries of Fortune. Players have 14 days to complete 8 challenges to unlock a skin for the armoured SUV. They're pretty straight forward but a few will require some know-how before dropping in.

This is a guide to complete Pocket Sand. Players must dig up 3 piles of buried treasure from Fortune's Keep. It's actually fairly simple to do and can be done within the first few minutes of the game with ease. Hopefully you get a nice quiet drop for this.

Step 1 - Find a Shovel

You need to collect a shovel, these spawn randomly across the map but one location that has a guaranteed shovel every time is Graveyard. it is stuck in the ground by the open grave in the middle of the graveyard.

Step 2 - Go to the Beach

Head to a beach. The locations can be seen in the image below. Basically any sandy beach of Fortune's Keep.

Step 3 - Dig 3 piles of Sand

Search the beach for piles of sand, hold down the interact button for a few seconds and the pile will be dug and loot will appear. Do this three times and you'll have completed the challenge. Each time I did it, there was more than enough piles at each location to do this in one go.

NOTE: If you die while holding the shovel you will drop it on death. You'll need to find another one or wait until the next game to complete this challenge.

Quickest Way

The fastest way to complete this is to drop into Graveyard, grab the shovel from the grave and head to the beach in the North West of your location. You'll find 3+ dig piles here.


This will complete the Pocket Sand challenge and tick another box towards finishing the Mercenaries of Fortune event. It will reward the player the golden weapon charm, Nefarious Deeds.



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