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Fortune's Keep + Caldera POI Update NEWS

Season 4 is now less than 48 hours away and we've gotten our first look at the new POI's of Caldera and some high-res images of Fortune's Keep.


Season 4 is less than 48 hours away now. We gotten some more details on Fortune's Keep and the POI changes coming to Caldera. Let's take a look.

Caldera POI Changes

Here are a few of the POI changes coming into effect at the beginning of Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune in a couple of days' time. It's pretty minor overall but there are a few interesting changes coming that could change how these areas are played.


Capital is a large built-up area of apartments, shops and bars. It offers a huge range in verticality with each building having several floors and rooftops. Rooftop bridges are being added to link the buildings together and offer further movement options to the town.


You may notice that the dry docks are no longer empty at Docks. A huge shipping container ship has been added.

Base of Peaks - East of Mines

the small warehouse building has had an extension. It looks to be some kind of farm area added in. This seems pointless to us but hopefully it will offer more loot for that zone.


The area surrounding the rappel that takes you into the caverns below Peaks has been fortified. Sandbags, concrete bunkers and a tower - the concrete block seems to have doors placed in it that will likely offer a different route into the caverns and peak buildings.

In the original image shared via Twitter from Call of Duty there were 7 areas circled on the map indicating POI changes. Obviously this is just 4 so we can expect to see further changes when we jump into the game during Season 4.

Fortune's Keep

Honestly, there isn't much we haven't seen in these images now but they are much higher-resolution than the screen grabs we've been looking at from the teaser trailers.

It's looking very detailed, bright and vibrant. It will be a very welcome addition to circulation after so many months and years of the same maps.

S4 Playlist Roadmap

Rebirth Island is being removed completely for the first week of Season 4 between 22nd and June 30th. After this period all three maps will be available to play.

On the week commencing July 21st at the bottom of the column it states that Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island will rotate at 10am PST each day. This is probably a test to see how it would help servers, how players might feel about it and which map peaks more people's interests. It is currently unknow if it is something that would stay in place. We think its highly unlikely.

Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune releases June 22nd on all platforms. Check out the launch trailer below.



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