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First Look at Black Ops 6 Gameplay Showcases Upcoming Zombies Mode

scarlett rhodes black ops 4 coming to black ops 6

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 gameplay has been revealed and it appears to be our first look at the upcoming round-based Zombies mode coming later this year. It also appears to show the return of an old character.

YouTuber NoahJ456, known for his Call of Duty Zombies content, was sent a package from Treyarch that included an old TV set and a VHS tape that gave us a different look at Black Ops 6 and a potential Zombies teaser.

There is a brief moment during the video where we see a female character slide while firing and she appears to be firing at a horde of Zombies. This character could possibly be a returning star from a previous Call of Duty Zombies game.

We can't see much of the character but it is our understanding that this could in fact be Black Ops 4's Scarlett Rhodes thanks to her red and white outfit, although that is of course unconfirmed.

scarlett rhodes returning in black ops 6

Adding to this theory we know that Scarlett is still canon in the Treyarch Call of Duty Zombies universe as her father Alistair Rhodes has been mentioned as recently as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

A Live Action trailer for Black Ops 6 will release on May 28 at 7am PT, 10am ET, and 3pm UK, although we don't expect this to be Zombies related but The Truth Lies instead.

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