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| GNG News COD | Published: August 5, 2023 |


A new event is currently underway in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and Warzone. The event pits Task Force 141 and Shadow Company against one another and offers players exclusive challenges and rewards.

Each faction has a total of 5 challenges that each give rewards. Players choose a side to work on at a time but can swap between the two factions at any point. This means that every reward for both factions can be earned.

Once all 5 challenges are a complete a 6th and final reward will unlock in the form of a Weapon Blueprint from both companies.

The challenges can be completed in Modern Warfare II Multiplayer, Warzone and DMZ. They can be knocked out fairly fast on playlists like Shipment 24/7.

Task Force 141 Challenges & Rewards

  • Get 50 Operator Kills - Emblem

  • Get 10 Longshot Operator Kills with Battle Rifles - Loading Screen

  • Get 40 ADS Operator Kills with Assault Rifles - Vehicle Skin

  • Get 3 Operator Kills with Melee Weapons - Charm

  • Execute a Finishing Move - Tier Skip

  • Complete all 5 to unlock the BAS-P Weapon Blueprint

Shadow Company Challenges & Rewards

  • Get 50 Operator Kills - Loading Screen

  • Get 15 Operator Kills while Focused with Sniper - Large Decal

  • Get 15 Operator Kills from Behind with SMG - Vehicle Skin

  • Get 10 Operator Kills with Launchers - Charm

  • Get 5 Operator Kills with Lethal Equipment - Tier Skip

  • Complete all 5 to unlock the Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint

Players only have about 10 more days to complete the Faction Showdown Event but most of these challenges are straight forward and don't require too much effort. At the end of the event the winning side will win bonus items.

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