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| GNG NEWS COD | Published: October 9, 2023 |


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III PlayStation exclusive Beta is currently underway and is currently only open to anyone who owns a PlayStation but that doesn't seem to have stopped the cheaters joining in the fun.

For years the player base of Call of Duty has assumed the PC community had "ruined" the franchise by introducing hacks and cheats to the ecosystem, but this doesn't always seem to be the case. Suspected cheaters are running rampant on console, too.

Video Credit: @Duqysss on Twitter

The video above appears to show one person using wall hacks and aim bot on PlayStation. The Killcam shows the player tracking and then killing the person who uploaded the video from an awkward angle seemingly effortlessly.

It raises questions about Team Ricochet, the program designed to detect, remove and ban cheaters from all Call of Duty titles. This isn't a good look if there is hacks for Modern Warfare III just a few days into the Beta.

Killcams are notoriously unreliable so this clip could be more than innocent and a visual bug has made it out to be more than it is but we know that consoles can and have been jailbroken since the dawn of time, it is just concerning for the game that at this stage even those manipulated consoles can't be detected and stopped.

Call of Duty's Team Ricochet has not made any comment on the situation as of yet. Do you think this person is hacking or are they being framed by a dodgy Killcam? Let us know in the comments below.

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