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| GNG News COD | Published: June 21, 2023 |


Warzone Season 04 introduced a new event called Assault on Vondel. It gives players various challenges to complete that include finding Detonators scattered around Vondel in DMZ and Resurgence.

This guide focuses on the Zoo Detonator for the Assault on Vondel event. There are 2 main problems with completing these challenges. The first being that the Detonator can spawn in a few different locations for each Point of Interest. The second is that sometimes they are Denied Access areas that require a Key to access.

Luckily for you we have 2 locations and a free way to enter the Aquarium that means you do not need an Aquarium Key or a Skeleton Key to access it. Below are the two locations the Detonator can spawn.

The first location it can spawn is inside the Aquarium itself. If you are looking towards the sunken pirate ship inside the fish tank you will see it sat on the platform.

The second place it can spawn is the roof top bar/cafe of the Aquarium building. You will find it on the counter next to the fridge. An audio clip will always play to let you know you are close to the detonator.

If the Detonator doesn't spawn on the roof you will either need to enter the Aquarium using an Aquarium Key or a Skeleton Key. There is another option though that gets you in for free.

On the roof top of the Aquarium building you will find an open Elevator Shaft. Drop down this shaft to get into the building for free. It is a absolutely packed full of Orange Crates so even if you have found the Detonator it is worth dropping in just for the goods.

Click here for more DMZ Vondel locked space locations. Follow us on Twitter for Daily Call of Duty DMZ News and Guides.


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