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| GNG News COD | Published: June 19, 2023 |


DMZ Vondel has plenty of Locked Space locations that require Keys to access. There is one door that you can't unlock, from the outside at least. This door requires a little bit of finesse to crack open.

If you head to the above the location you will find a door that states "Stuck Door". To get inside you need to head away from the building towards the canal to the right. Please note that you are going to need a 'Rebreather' to complete this Easter Egg.

Step 1 - Find the Tunnel Entrance

The entrance to the tunnel can be found on this stretch of canal. It is a small brick archway on the Market side of the canal.

Step 2 - Navigate the Tunnels

Swim down the tunnels, remember you will need a Rebreather for this Easter Egg as you will be under the water for a decent amount of time. Directions: Left, Right, Left, Right, Left. Once you have followed the tunnel you will reach a ladder. Ascend it.

Step 3 - Ascension

Climbing the first ladder out of the water will take you into a small basement area. You will find another orange ladder that will take you to the ground floor of the Stuck Door building.

Step 4 - The Great Escape

To exit the Stuck Door room you need to navigate your way back through the tunnels, retracing your steps... Only kidding, you can 'unstuck' the door from the inside and walk out on the street.

The Stuck Door Easter Egg is definitely an easy one to complete, the only real challenge is finding the Rebreather for the underwater section but they seem to be pretty common across Vondel.

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Bonus: Image to help navigate the underwater tunnels.


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