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| GNG News COD | Published: July 2, 2023 |


In the Forward Operating Base you will find a 'Notes' tab. This is a collection of all the intel you have found in the field and extracted. Each map has its own set of Notes to collect. This is a guide on finding every piece of intel on Vondel.

What are DMZ 'Notes'?

Notes are small pieces of intel, essentially storyline lore, that you collect through various methods on each of the DMZ maps. They are found in locked caches so will require the specified Key or get lucky enough to loot it from enemies.

DMZ Vondel Full 'Note' List and Locations

  • Delivery Instructions - Found in the Bike Parking (D6)

  • Gameplan Observations - Found in the Windmill Bag (E7)

  • Inspiring Speech - Found in the Barista's Bag (F4)

  • Security Notice - Found in either of the Stage Bags (C5, E2)

  • Stadium Paintball Notice - Found the Houseboat (C5)

  • Talking Points - Found in the Mayor's Briefcase (G3)

  • Torn Instructions - Found in the Restaurant Briefcase (I6)

  • Area Report - Found in the Equipment Crate (G6)

  • Goodbye Letter - Found in the Divers Crate (G5)

  • Love Letter - Found in the Fire Dept. Dorm Room (C6)

  • Managers Notice & Maintenance Note - Both found in the Sewer Maintenance (E5)

  • Note for Dog-Sitter - Found in the Buoyant House (C7)

  • PR Report (Page 8) - Found in the Art Centre Loft (G3)

  • Song Lyrics - Found in the Townhouse Apartment (C6)

  • Stadium Orders - Found in the Bridge Stash (E5)

  • Smuggler's Note - Smugglers Drop (D2)

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