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| GNG News COD | Published: July 3, 2023 |


Completing Faction 'Urgent Missions' will reward players with Faction Reputation and an XP Bonus. Faction Reputation will level you through the Faction Tiers faster. Getting you to those unlocks even quicker.

Mission Objective:

Unlock 3 Safe Houses.


+100 Faction Reputation & +1000 XP.

How to Complete 'Unlock Safehouses':

The title of this challenge is misleading in the sense that you aren't going to be unlocking Safehouses but instead Strongholds. You need to open up 3 Strongholds on any map (Al Mazrah, Ashika Island or Vondel).

Requirements: Stronghold Keycard

You or a Team-mate will need a Stronghold Key. These are flippin' everywhere you go. They are found in Loot Caches, dropped by AI, found in enemy bags. It is an extremely common item.

Where to find Strongholds:

Strongholds can be found on Al Mazrah, Ashika Island and Vondel. They are locked buildings. Now, the location of these Strongholds changes each match but they are a plenty. You will see them scattered all over the map. Look for this icon if you are unsure on what a Stronghold is.

Unlock 3 of these Strongholds to complete the 'Unlock Safehouses' Urgent Mission.

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