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DMZ will be a harsh and punishing environment for players. The more you know before you infil the better.


DMZ encourages player exploration. The entirety of Al Mazrah will be open to players without the restrictions of the gas. You will be able to travel by foot or by vehicle to any part of the map. You must be aware at all times. There is no telling when a band of AI bots might show up or be alerted by your presence and open fire on you and your squad. You'll also need to be prepared to engage other real players who want to take the valuable items from your cold dead bodies.

There are only a few limits to where you can explore in Al Mazrah: first, locked spaces, which are special areas within the Exclusion Zone, and Strongholds, guarded by AQ Forces. Players must obtain keys to gain access to these high-value places.

You will be able to complete accepted 'Faction Missions' for one of the three factions in the mode or complete Contracts found in-game. Like contracts from the original Warzone, they will vary. Hostage Rescue, High-value Target bounties and World Events like activating SAM Turrets or a UAV Tower.

Like Warzone 2.0, players can expect logical looting– items exist in Al Mazrah in places they may exist in the real world, such as medical supplies in a bathroom cabinet or hospital. A police station or military outpost may contain more tactical gear.

DMZ is designed to be a make-your-own-fun sandbox experience. You'll accept missions and task that will give you some direction but where you go is truly down to you. Want to go in solo and play with stealth, loot, and extract? Or perhaps you just want to hunt down other real players? It really is up to you how you play it out.

DMZ will offer plenty of unique rewards for your efforts. This includes Double XP Tokens, Calling Cards, Weapon Charms, and other cosmetics.

One such reward is the M13B Assault Rifle. This functional weapon is part of the Bruen Ops Platform along with the new BAS-P SMG, can be yours to use across all Modern Warfare II or Warzone 2.0 modes.



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