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A new area has been 'added' to DMZ and Warzone 2 called Building 21.

| 19 December 2022 |


Warzone 2 Season 01 Reloaded released last week bringing in the typical changes such as weapon balancing, bug fixes and more. It also brought with it a new location for Warzone 2 and DMZ. Building 21.

We dropped into Al Mazrah to explore the new location only to discover that it wasn't anywhere to be found. Strange. According to @CharlieIntel it was never added to the game at all and in fact it is not found in Al Mazrah but stands as its own location seperate to the BR map.

Infinity Ward has announced that they have no plans to publicly announce when the new area will go live. It will be down to the player base to figure out when it is in the game or not which leads us to believe there will be a secret quest or sequence of events players must complete before they can enter the area.

We know that it will require a special key card, much like the strongholds. These are already collectable items in the game. They can be found across the map or from dead enemies as you'd expect. There will be further locked spaces within Building 21 players will need keys for.

"Only the strongest Operators may survive, let alone access one of the deadliest areas of DMZ. Players will need to [REDACTED] to access [REDACTED]."

Building 21 offers high risk, high reward like we haven't seen before. Infinity Ward are quoted as saying "Only the strongest Operators may survive, let alone access one of the deadliest areas of DMZ. Players will need to [REDACTED] to access [REDACTED]." about the secret area. Further increasing the mystery, they went on to say, "With this great risk comes great reward: high-tier contraband found throughout the building, especially in safes and special areas that require key card access."

AI in Building 21 will be significantly stronger than those found in Al Mazrah. The description for Building 21 states the AI are Shadow Company Mercenaries. The recent update accidentally upgraded the AI in Al Mazrah to match the Building 21 bots. This saw many players getting absolutely stomped by the computer controlled enemies with insane aim, damage and heavy armour giving players a taste of what is to come. You can expect a rough time in the secret area, that's for sure.

It has also been reported, through unsavoury methods, that Modern Warfare 2019's Operator Velikan will feature in Building 21. It is likely that he is the area's main boss to beat. It is likely that killing him will reward the player with a weapon case, just like the chemist in Al Mazrah.

Building 21 will offer a completely different experience to Al Mazrah. It is going to be exclusively inside a small, tight building with the focus being on 'vertical' combat across multiple levels and locked spaces. Extraction, contracts, and looting will be much harder, but the rewards will be much, much higher.

When we have more details about Building 21 we will be posting news and guides on the new area so be sure to check back or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.


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