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| GNG News COD | Published: 2 June, 2023 |


Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 04 will receive another wipe, just like the one seen in Season 02 but far more extreme. This time the clean-up includes Insured Weapons, Faction Missions progress and more.

What is a Wipe?

Seasonal wipes are popular in other Extraction based shooters like Escape from Tarkov. It sets all player progress back to zero in an effort to keep player retention high - basically we always need something to be grinding for to keep us hooked to the game. In this instance it means we lose everything with the hope we will jump back in to grind it back.

DMZ Season 04 Wipe - What's included?

This wipe is far more extreme than the previous wipe seen in Season 02. It covers pretty much every aspect of the out-of-match experience.

  • Faction Mission Reset/Refresh

  • Contraband, Key and Mission inventories emptied

  • Insured Weapon Slots Reset

  • Blueprints, Skins and Calling Cards are NOT affected

As you can see its a pretty substantial wipe. Faction Mission progress will be completely reset so that new missions can be introduced. Contraband, Key and Mission inventories will be emptied. Insured Weapon slots 2 and 3 will be locked with a new method to unlock them introduced. The good news is all Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins and Calling Cards you have unlocked will be safe.

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