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DMZ is getting some fresh content and changes for Warzone 2 Season 02 on 15 February 2023. Here is what to expect with the upcoming Season update.


Call of Duty has announced the road map for Modern Warfare II's Season 02 update that arrives 15 February. It details content and events for Warzone 2, Modern Warfare II Multiplayer and Raids but DMZ is getting a healthy wedge of new content too.

DMZ is getting a new exclusion zone, Ashika Island. The new map is much smaller than Al Mazrah and will offer a much faster paced, action-packed match of the popular mode. It is set on a Japanese Island in the Pacific ocean with a heavy Traditional Japan theme.

What can you expect in the Season 02 update?

  • New Map 'Ashika Island'

  • New Missions

  • New Faction 'Crown'

  • New Weapons Case

  • New Boss 'The Bomb Maker'

  • Weapon/Key/Mission WIPE

New Missions

A mission 'refresh' is coming. Any progress you have made in the tiers will be reset with Season 02. Every faction will reset back to Tier 1. After looking at the data, Infinity Ward has decided that not enough players are getting to Tier 3 to unlock their second Insured Weapon slot so are making the grind easier. What that actually means is unknown at this time. Perhaps less missions to complete, or a cut of the ones people can't finish.

New Faction 'Crown'

We know very little about the new Faction 'Crown' other than they are British and that you have to own Modern Warfare II to be able to play their missions.

New Weapons Case

A new weapons case will be discoverable in Ashika Island, similar to Al Mazrah and Building 21. Extract with it X amount of times to unlock cool rewards along the way. It will likely be guarded by the new boss, The Bomb Maker.

New Boss 'The Bomb Maker'

Call of Duty has hinted that the location of the Bomb Maker is 'unknown' which leads us to believe he might not be visible on the map like previous bosses. Instead, players will have to travel to his common spawn locations in search of him.

Weapon/Key/Mission Wipe

This doesn't come as a surprise as we were warned weeks ago that a wipe was coming. Any weapons or keys you have in your stash will be taken away. You will also be reset to Tier 1 in the Faction missions. If you have managed to unlock the 2nd or 3rd Insured Weapon slots these are safe, but everything else is gone.

We will be sharing more details, news and guides for DMZ Season 02 as it arrives so be sure to check back for more. Follow us on Twitter where we share daily news, rumors and leaks for DMZ, Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II.


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