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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

| GNG News COD | Published: July 3, 2023 |


Urgent Missions give players a Faction Reputation booster along with XP bonuses. They reset every day, acting like Daily Challenges commonly found in Multiplayer and Warzone. They will help you climb the ladder of the Faction Tiers faster.

Mission Objective:

Kill 2 Commanders.


+100 Faction Reputation & +1000 XP.

How to Complete 'Kill Commanders':

You have to hunt down and kill 2 Commanders. But, what is a Commander? Commanders are the Boss-type's you will find scattered across all the maps. Choose any 2 from the list below:

  • Pyro (Al Mazrah)

  • Chemist (Al Mazrah)

  • Helo Commander (Al Mazrah, Ashika Island and Vondel)

  • Sniper (Koschei Complex)

  • Rhino (Koschei Complex)

  • Velikan (Building 21)

  • Bomb Maker (Ashika Island)

  • Wheelson (Building 21, Ashika Island)

  • Armored Commander (Al Mazrah, Ashika Island and Vondel)

  • Scavenger (Al Mazrah, Ashika Island and Vondel)

This Challenge is twice as handy to complete as it will count towards your Bounty Board challenges that ask you to hunt and eliminate all the different types of Bosses.

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