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DMZ offers a completely new experience for Call of Duty players. A story-driven experience that expands on the work of Battle Royales.


DMZ is high risk, high reward. Players will infil to Al Mazrah, find as much valuable loot as possible before attempted to exfil. All that stands in your way of success is 'intelligent' AI bots (lol) and other Players.

This new game mode will allow players to infil in a team of Trio, Duo or Solo. If you want to play as a Duo or even a Solo, you'll need to turn 'Squad Fill' off so that a random isn't allocated to your squad. If you decide to take a smaller team into battle, remember that you'll be facing other teams of three players as you would if you turned Squad Fill off in Warzone trios.

Players will be given rewards for completing in-game 'Faction Missions'. These are handed out by three powerful PMC (Private Military Company) factions.

  • The Legion

  • White Lotus

  • Black Mous

Initially you will take missions from 'The Legion' but you will unlock 'White Lotus' and 'Black Mous' by completing Faction Missions. The more Faction Missions you complete the higher in the ranks for that Faction you will go and so the challenge and rewards become more significant. We hope we will find out more about Factions and their history soon.

When entering the 'Exclusion Zone' players can either take insured or contraband loadouts with them. Friendly reminder if you die and your gear isn't insured you will lose it forever. You don't need to take in anything in fact. You can risk it with the hope of finding half-decent weapons in the match or attempt a fist-only run. Infiltration Zones will be random for each match.

To get more items, players will have to extract them out of the Exclusion Zone with their Backpack. This will provide an experience for players to complete a “supply run” as an example, in which players can complete a run just to gear up for a future deployment.

In addition to the Backpack, players can exfil from the world with “on-soldier” items, including backpacks, self-revives, armor plate carriers, etc.. This is critical for players looking to engage with high-tier enemies early in a match their next infil.



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