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Updated: Jan 24

| GNG News COD | Published: August 27, 2023 | Updated: January 24, 2024 |


'Quid Pro Quo' is the Tier 3 Story Mission for the White Lotus Faction. Until recently this Mission was bugged for many players and incompletable. This issue has now been resolved and players can finish the Mission and move on to White Lotus Tier 4 in DMZ.

Before we begin the guide though, we have a little tip for players. This mission allows players to call in an LTV vehicle into Vondel. The LTV is fast, armored and has a .50 cal turret attached. This is the only way you can obtain an LTV on the latest map, Vondel. If you do not complete this mission fully you will be able to call in an LTV every single match in Vondel from the Vondel Castle region.

How to Complete 'Quid Pro Quo' in DMZ Season 05

The first step in this challenge is to infil into Vondel. Once spawned in you will need to head over to the Castle region of the map. If you go to the North / North Western coast of the island you will see smoke grenade smoke puffing from the ground.

This is the location from which you will call in the LTV. Activate the drop and wait for the LTV to fall from the sky. Once called in you need to visit 2 locations within the same deployment. Market and Fire Department.

Drive to both locations within a single match in the LTV to complete the mission. You only need to get close to each location for it to count. This is one of the easiest Story Missions in DMZ so shouldn't cause players too much stress as Castle, Market and Fire Department are fairly close to one another.

Completing this mission will reward the player with the 'Lunar Patrol' TAQ-M Weapon Blueprint and allow you to progress to the 4th Tier of White Lotus Missions.

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