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Updated: Jan 8, 2023

If you are brave and like to leave extracting from Al Mazrah until the final heli then we have the perfect guide to help you predict the final location.

| 7 January 2023 |


Once a game of DMZ starts to wrap up, the toxic cloud from the Chemist location begins to spread. It consumes each of the exfil locations across the map, one by one, causing one final extract location to appear. You'll normally only have a few minutes to reach this location and get out before you choke to death.

Today we have a handy guide that helps you to predict where the final extract location will be, thanks to YouTuber @Phixate. He covers all things DMZ so be sure to check his channel out for more DMZ guides and gameplay.

The final extract location isn't as random as you may think it is. It can be at any of the locations marked with the red dot in the image above. Obviously they are all on the outer rim of the map as the gas usually expands from the middle-ish. Phixate has come up with a genius way of predicting where the final extract will be. Be warned though, this isn't always accurate.

The simple but ingenious method is as follows. Draw an imaginary line from the Chemist Gas Circle to the furthest Exfil marker you can see when you spawn into the game. This will point you in the right direction. Keep drawing the line to the very edge of the map and this will pinpoint the final extract location. Cross-reference this with the map from the top of the page and it will tell you exactly where the final exfil will arrive.


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