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Still looking for GPU and Blowtorches in DMZ? Look no further, we've have a map that shows all the locations they can spawn.

| 9 February 2023 |


There are several DMZ missions that require players to collect either GPU's or Blowtorches. They can be the more uncommon items to find but luckily, a reddit user has put together a map of spawn points for the items.

Missions like the 'Mechanic' for Legion will have you finding 26 Blowtorches before dropping them at the Mawizeh Marshland Gas Station. Black Mous requires you find a GPU and deliver it to the dumpster north of Al Sammam Cemetery in 'Custom Hardware'. These two items are some of the rarest, and in the case of the GPU most valuable, in DMZ.

This map was put together and shared by reddit u/HBizzle24. We believe that a few locations are missing but this is a good cover of most of the locations you'll find the Blowtorches or GPU's.

GPU's aren't just great for completing DMZ Missions for Factions, they are also super valuable for cash. They have a value of $16,000 which is a great start to reducing the amount of time left on any lost insured weapons. Drop them into any dumpster to get your weapon(s) back faster.

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