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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

We've been waiting for more details about the Factions we will be working for in DMZ and that day has arrived.

| 14 November 2022 |


DMZ is an extraction-based mode that allows players to infil into Warzone 2's Al Mazrah map, find valuable loot and attempt to exfil. You'll come up against enemy players, AI bots and extreme weather conditions as well as radiation.

Players will be able to gain extra Cash, XP and rewards by completing missions handed out by three different factions. Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous. Infinity Ward has shared more details on the lore and backstory of teach faction.


A private military contractor with conflicting reports about its ties to greater Western powers, the Legion is the first faction an Operator can accept jobs from, as they are desperate to gain a foothold in the global conflict. Soldiers who join the Legion are said to no longer exist on paper, and those who contract them are afforded enough plausible deniability to order any missions that would otherwise be considered acts of war.

Just like you, the Legion is curious about what the DMZ holds. What can be gained and extracted from this new battleground? And who exactly are the threats that want to maintain control of Al Mazrah?

While assisting the Legion, you may realize what power can do to those not ready to wield it.

White Lotus

After successfully completing multiple missions for the Legion, you will eventually learn about DMZ’s second faction, one fighting on its heels to regain silent dominance over the region.

For years, White Lotus used Al Mazrah’s abundance of natural resources to help fuel its benefactors, who are rapidly expanding their public infrastructure projects both within and beyond its borders. However, attrition from Al Qatala and other factions have significantly reduced their presence.

In assisting the White Lotus, you may eventually help them retake their original operations base, which could ultimately reestablish the control they once had over the DMZ.

Black Mous

This third faction comes online only after you complete multiple missions for both the Legion and White Lotus, as they hold knowledge as the ultimate form of power.

An anonymous, decentralized group, Black Mous has a shadow presence over the DMZ. Despite a lack of known leadership, the group is built on three key tenets: do not talk about the Black Mous, do not reveal your personal identity, and do not attack the defenseless.

Their missions are grounded in espionage and cyberwarfare, using technology found in the DMZ to have total reconnaissance.

We are excited to learn more about these factions when Warzone 2.0 and DMZ release later this week. DMZ will launch in Beta and will evolve and grow over time.



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