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Call of Duty DMZ released in BETA. Lots of new updates and features are expected over the coming months that should improve the popular mode.

| 3 January 2023 |


Call of Duties DMZ launched along side Warzone 2 in November of 2022. The new mode released in BETA meaning it had many key features missing with extra content to come. 2023 could see DMZ leave the BETA stage and become the fully fleshed out game it always wanted to be. We hope.

We have compiled a list of all the content that is expected to release for Call of Duties DMZ this year. It should be a good year for fans of the extraction-based mode.

Combat Record

Joe Cecot, Design Director at Infinity Ward stated that DMZ would get its own version of the Combat Record. What type of stats players will be able to access is still unclear. DMZ is a very different mode to Battle Royale so the standard K/D and Wins stats won't cut it.

"And we're working on the combat record for DMZ Season 2 and working through what should be tracked because it's a very different mode so it may need to be displayed in a different way, so we're working through that now." - Joe Cecot, Design Director - Infinity Ward

Combat Record was expected with Season 01 reloaded but that plan was announced to be canceled with no planned release date set. We expect that it will arrive with Season 02 on 1 February 2023. It has already been said that when the Combat Record is introduced all stats will begin at zero, no previous stats will be counted.


We know that more unspecified factions are being added in DMZ over the course of the year. With this will come new tiers of missions for the new factions with the original factions expecting to get new missions too.

Faction missions add lore and depth to the mode that would otherwise feel pretty empty. The aim of this will be to keep the game feeling fresh, giving players plenty to do.

New Maps

DMZ already has 2 maps, Al Mazrah and Building 21. More maps/locations are expected this year. We know that, according to leaks, a new Resurgence map is coming, possibly as soon as Season 02 on 1 Feb.

If leaks are true this map will be used for Resurgence, Ground War and DMZ. We've been sent DMCA's by Activision for using the image of the map which solidifies its legitimacy in our eyes.

Dynamic Weather

Changing weather is confirmed to be coming to DMZ at some point. During a Q&A session Geoff Smith, Multiplayer Design Director at Infinity Ward confirmed that Dynamic Weather was being worked on but they were facing issues trying to implement the feature.

"We've been chasing dynamic weather for a very long time. It's definitely on our list, but we only have so much bandwidth and we spent a bunch of our bandwidth on water so we'll just keep trying to get that out." - Geoff Smith, Multiplayer Design Director - Infinity Ward

From what Geoff publicly said, it seems that Infinity Ward has spent too many resources on the water design and functionality across Al Mazrah. Dynamic Weather sounds like it could take a very long time, if it ever comes, so don't hold your breath.

Market Place

This is not confirmed but a player-based Market system, like Escape from Tarkov, should be implemented for players to spend the cash they have earned during matches. We have extracted over 2.5 million so far and it doesn't mean anything. Giving players the option to spend it on 3 Plate armor or Backpacks before infilling would be a decent improvement to playability.


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