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| GNG News COD | Published: July 5, 2023 |


Faction Urgent Missions give players Faction Reputation and bonus XP for completing easy to achieve tasks every day. This Faction Reputation helps you to level up with each Faction, getting you to Story Missions faster than ever before so they should not be slept on.

Mission Objective:

Complete 6 Contracts


+100 Faction Reputation & +1000 XP


Al Mazrah, Vondel and Ashika Island


Complete 6 Contracts in DMZ. This is another Urgent Mission that can be done over multiple games. It requires you collect and finish 6 contract missions, they can all be the same if you favour one over the other.

DMZ Contract Types:

  • Deliver Cargo

  • Destroy Supplies

  • Eliminate HVT

  • Hunt Squad

  • Raid Weapon Stash

  • Rescue Hostage

  • Secure Intel

  • Secure Nuclear Material

  • Ship Cargo

  • Signal Intelligence

Once you have completed any 6 of these contracts within the 24 hour period you will be rewarded with Faction Reputation and bonus XP.

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