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| GNG News COD | Published: July 4, 2023 |


Completing DMZ Faction 'Urgent Missions' will reward players with Faction Reputation and an XP Bonus. Faction Reputation will level you through the Faction Tiers faster. Getting you to those unlocks even quicker.

Mission Objective:

Collect 4 Backpacks


+100 Faction Reputation & +1000 XP


Pick up 4 Backpacks. This can be done over multiple matches if needed but the fastest method is to find a backpack on the ground and keep picking it up, swapping it with the one you are already carrying and repeating until you've done this 4 times.

To complete this, we infilled into a game, went to a Buy-Station and purchased a Medium Backpack. swapping it with the one already in our inventory 4 times.

If your team-mates pick up a bag this will count towards your Urgent Mission as well so it is easily done in a single match.

Note: Any style of Backpack counts towards this (Medium, Large, Secure and Scavenger)

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