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Quick Guide to completing the Weapon Case challenge in DMZ Building 21.


If you have played DMZ in Al Mazrah you have probably come across the Weapon Case challenge. When you kill a boss on the map they will drop a Weapon Case. If you extract with this case 7 times you will unlock, amongst other things, a Weapon Blueprint exclusive to DMZ. This same challenge is applied in Building 21 but requires different steps.

1. Find an Access Card

If you haven't already you need to obtain an access key for Building 21. These are found in Al Mazrah. Search Denied Areas, Strongholds, Supply Drops and enemy players backpacks to find the DRC Building 21 Access Card.

2. Clear the Data Centre

Enter Building 21 via the in-game menu using the DRC Building 21 Access Card. Head to the West side of the Basement (Floor B1). Here you will find the Data Centre (a large room filled with servers). Kill all enemy AI and any enemy players that may have shown up. Note: Do NOT infil with the key in your inventory, if you die you will lose it.

3. Hack the Security System

Once the countdown timer reaches 11 minutes you will be able to hack the server with the blue lights on. Hold to interact with the server for 30 seconds. The Data Centre will then be rushed by AI and potentially enemy players so have your team guard you.

4. Head to the Armory Room

Once the hack is complete you will receive a message saying Armory Room is now accessible. The Armory Room is found in the North-East corner of the top floor. When you enter the Armory Room an onscreen message will appear saying "Armory Room Under Attack" this message is displayed on every player in the match screen so be warned its going to draw attention.

5. Drill Open the Safe

In the centre of the Armory Room is a safe, begin drilling it. This will take a short amount of time but AI and enemy players will come knocking so remain on guard. Once the drilling is complete you can interact with the safe and retrieve the Weapon Case.

6. Extract with the Weapon Case

Now you want to leave the building as fast as you can. Your location will be revealed to enemy players with a real-time on screen tracker. Note: Extraction is only available once the countdown timer reaches 7 minutes. Head to the closest elevator and extract.


Extract 6 times with the Weapon Case and you will receive, amongst other things, a special Weapon Blueprint exclusive to Building 21, the Chimera 'Silver Tox'.

  • Going Bark Charm

  • Weapon Rover Calling Card

  • Roar Weapon Sticker

  • Company Sniper Emblem

  • Camo Cloud Vehicle Skin

  • Silver Tox Chimera Weapon Blueprint

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