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A Guide on how to find and use the Black Access Card in DMZ Building 21.


Call of Duty DMZ Building 21 has a series of locked spaces that require a variety of Keycards to access. You'll come across Green, Red and Blue Access Cards during your time in Building 21 and Al Mazrah. But, there is another Access Card that is much rarer - the Black Access Card.

The Black Access Card can only be found in Building 21 (unless you kill an enemy that is randomly carrying one in Al Mazrah for some reason). Although rare there are 2 guaranteed ways of obtaining this card.


Once you, or someone else in the game, hack the server room the third floor will become accessible. On this floor is an automated 'Wheelson' it looks like Wall-E it drives up and down the corridors of the third floor generally being annoying.

If you destroy this AI go-kart it will drop a Black Access Card. It will take a lot of damage and beam you and anyone else who attacks it but it can be destroyed.


Another boss type that will drop the Black Access Card is Velikan. If you played Modern Warfare 2019 you'll know this guy. He was a Shadow Company operator back in Warzone 1. He will spawn into Building 21 and hunt down players. This will happen around the 5 minute mark on the countdown timer.

The problem with the Velikan route is that he does not spawn into every single match but he is fairly common all the same. He has a high amount of armor so again, this is going to be a relatively long fight to take him out, but he will die and when he does he will drop the Black Access Card.

What to do with the Black Access Card

If you have used any of the other colour Keycards you will know that they unlock set 'locked spaces' in Building 21. The Black Card is used in the basement or garage of B21.

Below you'll find a map that pinpoints the Black Access Card room. It is on the north side of the Garage between Stairwell D1 and A1. In the corridor that runs behind the Garage Bathrooms.

When you enter the Black Access Card room there will be 3 Orange loot caches and a few duffle bags packed full of loot. This area is particularly valuable at the start of the game if you died during your last run. You are likely to spawn in the garage. The Black Access Room will give you the chance to get fully stocked on Armor, Backpacks and various other upgrades almost as soon as the match begins. Just remember, other teams are going to spawn down there with you.

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