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Ashika Island is Modern Warfare II Season 02's answer to Rebirth Island. It is also used for DMZ, we've plotted out all the team spawn points.


After doing some research we've pin pointed the locations of (as we know of) all the locations players can spawn on Ashika Island when playing DMZ. There are a total of 6 spawns that we could find.

  • North Oganikku Farms

  • North Residential

  • Shipwreck

  • Port Ashika

  • South Beach Club

  • West Town Center

This is particularly useful information if you are trying to avoid immediate combat with other teams or you just want to get straight into a fight. We are still unsure if 6 teams spawn into the game every time, some further research will be done but if a team spawns at each location every match that means there is potentially 18 players per game.

We share lots of DMZ tips, tricks and guides just like this so be sure to stay tuned for more. Follow us on Twitter for daily Call of Duty news, rumors and guides.


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