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Updated: Mar 5

All known Locked Space / Cache locations found on Ashika Island. This page is still a work in progress. We hope you find these guides useful.

| 21 February 2023 |


You will often come across random Keys in Call of Duty's DMZ mode and wonder what they are used for. We've put together a useful map of all the currently known locations on Ashika Island that can be unlocked. We will gradually be posting guides for every single locked space and linking each guide below. If new spots are discovered they will be added too.

1. Drifting Supply Bag

2. Water Pump Control

3. Farmers Lunchbox

4. Waterlogged Bag

5. Combat Engineer's Toolkit

6. Ashika Island Information Booth

7. Research Center Room

8. Waterway Maintenance

9. Tsuki Castle Weapons Locker

10. Tsuki Castle Fortress

11. H.M.S Shipwreck Cache

12. Floatsam Cargo Cache

13. Hotel Employee Fridge

14. Lost Room 403

15. City Hall

16. Lost Managers Office

17. Requires Contract

18. Main Harbor Control

19. Beach Club Bathhouse

20. Rusted Fridge

21. Mud Covered Cache

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