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Some missions for Factions require you dump specific items into dead drop dumpsters. Here is a handy map to help find the locations of the dumpsters.


Some missions that are handed out to players by Factions involve dropping specfic items into dumpsters around Al Mazrah. The first one of these missions we came across was to put 20 lethal equipment into the dead drop in Al Mazrah City but there are a few variations of this mission type across the Faction objectives.

Dead drop dumpsters work similar to loot caches, they can be opened up and items can be placed inside of them. We suspect that these drop off points will mean more in the future. Perhaps a way for players to stash their loot in-game without risking extraction or losing it because the gas has spread too far.

Reddit u/OnYxSireen has created a map of all the locations the Dead Drops can be found. If you head to these locations you'll find large bins/trash cans that are outlined like other loot caches or items are in game when you are hovering over them.

Dead Drop Locations

  • Train Depot Between Quarry and Rohan.

  • Sarwana Hotel Alley.

  • Mawizeh Marsh Gas Station.

  • North East of Al Sammam Cemetery / North of Al Sammam Cemetery / Sa'id City Mall.

  • Al-Sharim Junkyard / North of Al Malik International / Village South East of Al-Sharim Pass.

  • Near the Railroad North of Cemetery



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