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The Call of Duty Warzone Mobile event kicks off later today. Here's when you can tune in and watch the event live.


Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile isn't expected to fully launch until sometime in 2023 but a 2 day event is about to kick off in London to showcase an early build of the game to those who play on Mobile.

Warzone Mobile will take players back to Verdansk. The original fan favourite map of Warzone 1. It will host up to 120 players per match and progression will link with anyone who plays Call of Duty on console or PC.

Several big time Mobile creators have been invited to the London event to get hands on and of course promote the game across their platforms.

So, when and how can you watch the event? This event is based in London, United Kingdom so the timezone is pretty rough for anyone in North or South America with it going live at 3 am PT.

The event will be live streamed across the official Call of Duty Mobile platforms and many of your favourite Content Creators channels.

Event Schedule

13 November

  • 3 am PT

  • 6 am ET

  • 11 am GMT

  • 12 pm CET

The Event will show off the latest improvements to Warzone Mobile. Since the original Alpha stage huge steps have been taken to improve the game visually and its performance.

A record breaking 15 Million players have Pre-Registered for the Free-to-Play title on their Mobile devices so launch will likely see Call of Duty Warzone Mobile become one of the most successful Mobile titles ever.

We cannot wait to dive in and give the game a try ourselves. Verdansk holds a very special place in our hearts.


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