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COD Next + Modern Warfare II Beta Details...

It's a big week for Call of Duty fans as COD Next and MWII are both kicking off.

It's a big week for Call of Duty fans with COD Next and Modern Warfare II's beta hitting our screens in just a few days. What can we expect and when?

Activision has promised a new era of Call of Duty and COD Next will be the reveal of this new age of the franchise. We're expecting to see Modern Warfare II multiplayer, Warzone Mobile and Warzone 2.0 details during the event, we could even find out more about the leaked tarkov-inspired game mode DMZ.

COD Next Date and Times

Thursday 15th September

  • 9:30 am PT

  • 12:30 pm ET

  • 5:30 pm UK

  • 6:30 am CET

How to Watch COD Next

Official Call of Duty YouTube Channel

Official Call of Duty Twitch Channel

Many of the biggest Call of Duty Creators, such as JGod, CharlieIntel and more will be live streaming and uploading content to Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Beta

  • PlayStation Exclusive | 16 - 20 Sept. |

  • All Platforms | 22 - 26 Sept. |

  • Campaign Early Access | 20 October |



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