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Clownfield 2042: The BEST WORST Game We've ever played.

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Clownfield does not take it's self seriously, at all. It's jab after jab aimed at Battlefield 2042. It even has a Call of Duty: Zombies inspired mode now.



Platform: STEAM

Price: £0.63

Clownfield 2042

No, the name is not a coinsidence. This game is a straight up parody of Battlefield 2042, but this one man development company has somehow managed to create a less broken, more fun version of Battlefield 2042. We played the game for a few hours and have to admit we had a great deal of fun doing so.

"Clownfield 2042 is an FPS where you take a role of a no-clown, equipped with enough arsenal to fight anyone ahead and win the front. After 2022 crypto-crash caused by NFT's, majority of nations collapsed and a union of "No-Clowns" has been formed. You are one of them, arm up and get ready for war."

When you load up the game you are met with a series of tabs that almost identical to BF2042's. You can customise your Character, build weapon loadouts and have the option between Single Player, Co-op or Multiplayer game modes. This game isn't going to be melting anyone's graphics cards by any means but taking into consideration this is a tiny development team, what they've managed to achieve here is spectacular.

It's goofy, it's fun. Clownfield is hardly going to knock games like Valorant or CS:GO off the top spot for competitive eSports game, but if you are looking to play a chilled shooter that pokes fun at the sinking-ship that is Battlefield then look no further. The price point is spot on at less than a dollar. Score!



Players can choose between a handful of characters to play as. Yes, that is Adolf Hitler and J. Wankerhands, a parody of Johnny Silverhands from Cyberpunk.


Clownfield lets you pick and customise your loadout. You can pick a Primary and Secondary weapon. Melee, Lethal and Non-Lethal equipment like frags and smoke grenades can be selected too. The Balloon Sword is a personal favourite of ours.


Sadly, when we sat down to play the multiplayer there was zero players or games to be found so we decided to try out the 'Single Player'. Which it turns out is a nod to the classic Call of Duty: Zombies mode. Players must survive round after round of increasingly difficult zombies.

There are all the tell-tale signs of a COD: Zombies map. Wall-buys, a mystery box in the form of a Juke Box and even power drops like Max Ammo and Double Points. Players earn cash from killing zombies to use to buy weapons and ammo to allow the chaos to continue.

There are two different maps available for the zombie's mode. Ground Zero - a motel complex that's basically gone to shit and Secluded, an idyllic American suburb that has been overran by zombies. Clown Z Survival allows Co-Op so you and your buddies can play it together.

Should You Buy Clownfield 2042?

The short answer here is yes, we had a ton of fun playing this game. The game isn't winning any awards any time soon and it seems to have died from an online point of view, which is a shame. It's not going to fill any voids in your life or make you want to take the day off work just to play it but it's a good bit of fun in short bursts. Silly, mindless, shooting. And the price point is spot on for what you get. It's so cheap that we've already gifted it to a few friends to encourage them to give it a try.

At the time of writing this Clownfield 2042 is available on Steam (£0.63 in the UK)



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