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Warzone TAQ Evolvere Camo Challenges Season 1 Reloaded (MWIII)

Updated: Mar 10

| GNG Gaming News | Published: January 18, 2024 |

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 1 Reloaded is out now and it has summoned 2 brand-new Weapons. The slick HRM-9 SMG and the heavy duty TAQ Evolvere LMG.

This is a guide on the TAQ Evolvere weapon camo challenges found attached to the weapon.

TAQ Evolvere Warzone/Modern Warfare III Camo Challenges:

  • Psychedelic Pop - Get 50 Kills with the TAQ Evolvere (Level 2)

  • Palette Storm - Get 10 Penetration Kills with the TAQ Evolvere (Level 8)

  • Swift Brush - Get 10 Kills with full attachments with the TAQ Evolvere (Level 13)

  • Broken Signal - Get 10 Double Kills with the TAQ Evolvere (Level 19)

Warzone Completionist Camo Challenges:

  • Gilded - Get 2 Kills without releasing the Trigger 10 times with the TAQ Evolvere

  • Forged - Get 10 Headshots Kills while Mounted with the TAQ Evolvere

  • Priceless - Get 10 Double Kills while Fully Loaded with the TAQ Evolvere

  • Interstellar - Complete 36 Priceless Camo Challenges

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