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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is expected to launch globally some time in 2023. It will launch with full controller support.


At the time of writing this piece Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has reached over 25 million pre-orders on Android and iOS. An incredible milestone for a Mobile game. It is safe to say that this game is pretty highly anticipated.

Warzone Mobile will take players back to the classic Verdansk map. It hosts up-to 120 players per match with some bots added in to bulk out matches and reduce latency stress. Cross-progression will be active meaning any XP or Battle Pass Token experience gained will be shared with those who own Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare II on console or PC.

For those players on the fence about giving the Mobile battle royale game a go might be pleased to hear that Warzone Mobile will launch with Controller Support. This means you can connect a controller to your phone and play in a more traditional way, rather than touching buttons on a screen, which for me, is a very fiddley experience.

The good news is that finding compatible controllers for mobile devices is very easy. A quick google will throw up many options of various shapes and sizes (much like other types of google search). We had a quick search around to try find the very best option based on user reviews across several sites and the one that popped up the most was the Razer Kishi.

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox xCloud)

We have ordered ourselves one of these just to test out and write a review on as we build up to the launch of Warzone Mobile world wide. If you'd like to check it out we've linked it on Amazon below. We are an Amazon Affiliate so if you do buy one we get a little kick-back from it BUT we recommend you shop around and find the design and model that best suits you and your mobile device.

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