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DMZ will officially be revealed later today. Here is how and when you can watch the new modes reveal

| 9 November 2022 |



DMZ is one of Call of Duties best kept secrets. It was leaked that the game mode was in development but not much other intel has leaked about the mode at all. Which, for a Call of Duty title is quiet refreshing. DMZ is a Tarkov-Inspired game mode where the stakes are high but so are the rewards.

If you aren't familiar with extraction based shoots the simple version is that you infil to a location, grab as much loot as you can from the area or enemy players and then extract at a set location. Escape from Tarkov is considered the biggest and best Extraction-based game at the moment so if you are looking to prepare yourself for the savage mode you may want to take a look on YouTube or Twitch to see how it plays.

What we know so far

DMZ is an extraction-based game mode, as explained above. It will be played on the new Warzone 2.0 map Al Mazrah and will launch on 16th November. AI (bots) will be roaming the map defending certain locations and or high value loot. Rumours suggest that you could be facing off against up to 40 players in a lobby with some speculating it could be as high as 100.

Official DMZ Reveal

DMZ is being officially revealed later today by several big name creators from the Call of Duty community. These include @ModernWarzone, @NatarshaAU and others.

The event will be streamed on the Official Call of Duty YouTube and Twitch channels as well as many creators that were invited to the event at Infinity Ward Studios. It will last 4 hours.

9 November 2022

  • 12 pm PT

  • 3 pm ET

  • 8 pm UK

  • 9 PM CET

Both Warzone 2.0 and DMZ will be revealed during this event. We don't expect it to be as large an event as COD Next but we can expect a lot of information to be revealed not only on the 2 modes but Season 1 content for Modern Warfare II and the games future.

What we Expect to See

  • Marketplace

  • Hideout

  • Types of AI

  • How to Exfil

  • Loot system

  • In-game Rewards

If you are looking for more details on what to expect from DMZ then check out the video below from @TheTacticalBrit.



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