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Call of Duty releases Patch to remove 'Snakeshot Ammunition' attachment in Warzone Season 1

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 18, 2023 |

The notorious Snakeshot Ammunition attachment has been running rampant in Warzone Season 1 but Raven Software has acted swiftly in temporarily removing the attachment over the Holiday period.

Call of Duty Dev teams are now starting to head off for the Holiday break, with them not returning to work until early next year. They have made the smart move to remove the Snakeshot attachment for the TYR Hangun.

The announcement came on December 16 from the Call of Duty Updates X handle that the attachment would be removed for the festive period.

It is unclear if this attachment will return after a nerf or if it has been removed for the forseeable. It was certainly beginning to ruin plenty of players fun in the latest integration of Warzone.

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