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Call of Duty: DMZ Will Not Receive Further Updates

| GNG Gaming News | Published: December 2, 2023 |


Speculation and rumors have been circulating about the future of DMZ for several months now with many players unsure about what is in store for the mode. Call of Duty has brought some light to the situation and ended the speculation once and for all.

DMZ is an extraction-based shooter from the studios at Infinity Ward. It allowed players to infiltrate 5 different locations, find loot, battle against real and AI enemies, and exfiltrate with copious amounts of treasures.

The mode launched in Beta alongside Warzone 2.0 back in 2022 and fans instantly took to the mode, with it becoming one of the most played game modes Call of Duty had released. Sadly, DMZ will never make it out of Beta as updates and content have now officially been stopped.

Infinity Ward's Official Statement about the End of DMZ

This news comes as a surprise to many as the mode seemed to become very popular amongst aspects of the Call of Duty community. Although the reasons remain unclear for its cancelling, we could speculate that player numbers just weren't good enough or that Modern Warfare Zombies, which is basically DMZ with Zombies needed the communities full attention to sell more copies of Modern Warfare III.

Either way this is a disappointing outcome for many Call of Duty players, but we could see a return of the mode with Infinity Ward's next game, expected in 2026, or future games.

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