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| GNG News COD | Published: July 28, 2023 |


The Call of Duty: DMZ storyline isn't exactly accessible to everyone. Largely it entails piecing together notes, cinematics, Faction Mission descriptions and Operator bio's to find out what the actual narrative of the mode is.

We have made our best effort to piece what information we have together to form some kind of lore storyline without going to hard on the finer details. If you feel like you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Call of Duty: DMZ - The Story So Far...

The story begins with the Koschei Complex. A secret underground research facility built during the Soviet Union era with the task of producing chemical weapons. Research began on Radioactive Chemicals which produced lethal amounts of radiation that can kill within minutes. An antidote to the chemical effects was also potentially created. The Complex was subsequently shut down.

After the Cold War, the United Republic of Adal loses support of the Soviet Union, although the country continues to develop economically. An insurgency on Adal begins by Al-Qatala terrorist cells from Urzikstan. The Adal government hires the White Lotus PMC in an effort to boost security and stave off the insurgency. In return, White Lotus receives a percentage of profits for the assets it is protecting.

The Al-Qatala insurgency becomes overwhelming for White Lotus so the United Republic of Adal reaches out to another PMC, this time Shadow Company, who are tasked with protecting Zaya Observatory.

Radiation begins to leak from the Koschei Complex into Al-Mazrah. A Scientist from the Zaya Observatory becomes deeply obsessed with the phenomenon and makes contact with Al-Qatala in an effort to fund further research. This Scientist would become known as the 'Chemist' to players.

Mounting pressure from Al-Qatala eventually breaks the United Republic of Adal government as Al-Qatala forces overrun the capital city of Al Mazrah. The government of Adal had no choice but to evacuate the city and all of its residents. Leaving only Al-Qatala and the remaining PMCs fighting over the empty streets.

Shadow Company breaks its contractual bond with the Adal government forcing the now exiled country leaders to seek aid from yet another Private Military Company, this time 'Legion'.

The Legion PMC begins operations within Al Mazrah. Directly attacking their rivals White Lotus. Legion manipulates Al-Qatala into believing White Lotus, an ally of theirs, is sabotaging their operations, thus turning them against one another. Legion then begins working with Al-Qatala in an Oil for Guns trade.

Black Mous, an organization that specializes in Intelligence, enters the region and begins to monitor the activity of Al-Qatala, White Lotus and the Legion.

Al-Qatala takes control of Al-Mazrah before reaching out to the Las Almas Cartel. Al-Qatala and Las Almas forces begin working together. With Oil, Narcotics and Mining operations being the main form of income. Al-Qatala and Las Almas Cartel both find out that pockets of radiation are seeping into Al-Mazrah through the Chemists research and begin searching for it within the country.

Shadow Company begins to rebuild its organization after losing its Forward Operating Base to the Las Almas Cartel in Mexico and it's retreat from Zaya Observatory. At this point it is believed that Shadow Company Commander Phillip Graves has been killed in action, but he is very much alive and unharmed.

An element of Shadow Company accepts a security contract to protect the Defence Research Center, with an emphasis on Building 21. The DRC facility is continuing research into the Al-Mazrah radiation phenomenon. Defence of the DRC is led by Velikan, who is backed up by a Wheelson and highly trained SC soldiers.

Another section of Shadow Company moves to Ashika Island, setting up the Japanese island as another Forward Operating Base.

Konni, a Russian Private Military Company, infiltrates' Al-Mazrah under the guise of the British funded Faction, Crown. It is currently believed that Konni was hired by the Ultranationalists who in turn are led by nonother than Vladimir Makarov.

In Al-Mazrah, Shadow Company recon teams are tracking Al-Qatala and Las Almas Cartel forces and discover entrances to the Koschei Complex but are killed in action. The Player uncovers the truth about Legion working with Al-Qatala for oil contracts and subsequently loses public support and respect. Legion maintains its influence and remains active as the Adal government has completely broken down by this point.

Shadow Company contacts us, the player, asking that we continue their investigation into the Koschei Complex bunker. Players must further investigate the complex whilst staving off attacks from both Al-Qatala and Las Almas Cartel forces. It is at this point that Shadow Company unearths evidence that suggests Crown is actually Konni undercover. Shadow Company begins a full retreat from Al-Mazrah and Ashika Island.

Legion is restructured after Operators shoot down and kill its leaders with leadership being assumed by CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell. Legion is then rebranded into 'Phalanx'.

A chemical attack is reported in Vondel, Netherlands. The Dutch government orders a full evacuation to protect its citizens against further attacks. Russian oligarch Romanova hires the Konni PMC to act as an peacekeeping force within the city during its evacuation. Shadow Company is also deployed to the city which causes city-wide fighting to break out.

Phalanx and Black Mous form an alliance to counter the growing threat in Vondel. Konni, under the guise of Crown, continues to seek out the chemical compound developed at the Koschei Complex while covering their tracks.

White Lotus and Shadow Company begin working together to further investigate Koschei Complex whilst expanding its business outside of Al-Mazrah.

DMZ Story heading into Season 05

Al-Mazrah, Ashika Island and Vondel are all under attack.

Battle rages between the existing Factions and a new threat, Konni.

Both sides will be fighting with everything they've got. Calling in Killstreaks, in what is known as Active Combat Zones. Intel suggests that higher-quality supplies and gear are more present in ACZ's compared to single-faction areas.

In Al-Mazrah, all Las Almas Cartel are killed in action within the Koschei Complex. Konni found it and completely gutted it, and found some additional hidden tunnels under the city. (This is likely the bunker door located just below Zaya Observatory)

Building 21 is also lost to the Konni Group. Players are expected to take it back.

Players and Shadow Company are now reunited under one flag. AI agents from Shadow Company will no longer engage unless they are fired upon by the player. Players and Shadow Company will now fight side-by-side against the Konni Group, and subsequently Makarov.

Stay tuned as we will update this article as the storyline progresses. Follow us on Twitter for Daily DMZ and Warzone News, Guides and more.


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