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| GNG News COD | Published: June 12, 2023 |


Warzone Season 04 may be DMZ's greatest season yet, as Call of Duty has teased many upgrades and improvements to the mode. This includes a new map, new features and upgrades to previous functions.

One of these improved areas is the DMZ Menu. A big revamp is coming to Season 04.

DMZ Menu Changes

  • Mission Objectives (mission select)

  • Location Objectives (map challenges)

  • Forward Operating Base (upgrade objectives)

  • Notes (collection)

So, lets go over each new upgrade one by one.

Mission Objectives

This is your classic pick a mission section of the menu, it will allow you to select Faction Missions but will now also include Urgent Missions that essentially sound like Daily Challenges that will help build your Faction Reputation (fills your Faction XP bar) that leads to unlocking the Insured Weapon slots.

Location Objectives

This is where you will find specific map challenges. These might include things like kill the Pyro on Al Mazrah or hunt 6 players on Ashika Island. This one is a bit unclear so we await for more information on this one.

Forward Operating Base

This is the big one, the big change. The Forward Operating Base (FOB) is a new centralized hub for DMZ. Players will complete objectives to unlock upgrades across DMZ.

FOB upgrade objectives/missions are passive and do not need to be equipped like Faction Missions. They will track and unlock without the player needing to do anything.

There are four categories in the Forward Operating Base. Weapons Locker, Stash, Bounty Board and Communications Station. Each category has its own objectives and rewards for players.

Weapons Locker

  • Insured Weapons Slots

  • Insured Weapon Cooldown Time

  • Contraband Weapon Stash Size Increase


  • Wallet Unlock

  • Wallet Capacity increase

  • Key and Contraband Stash Size Increase

Bounty Board

  • Personal Exfil

  • Barter Recipes

  • Buy-Station Discounts

Communications Station

  • Urgent Missions Access


Players have been able to pick up and extract notes since the mode launched, but until now there was no way to view this intel out of game. Season 04 will introduce a system that allows you to gather intel from the battlefield and read it out of match. So, if you care for the lore you'll be able to read through as much as you like. How much this will be expanded is still unknown.

DMZ Season 04 releases on June 14.

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