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Warzone 2 Season 02 arrives February 15. It brings major changes to Warzone, Modern Warfare II and the DMZ mode.


Call of Duty released a blog post this week detailing what players can expect for DMZ when Season 02 arrives later this month. Al Mazrah, Building 21 and Ashika Island will be getting a decent wedge of updates including news missions and a new Faction.

Ashika Island

A brand new excursion zone is coming to DMZ, Ashika Island. Set on a Japanese island in the Pacific, this small map will be packed full of things for players to achieve. It reintroduces 'Shadow Company' and brings a new Faction 'Crown'. Other things to look forward:

· A new Weapons Case.

· A new Boss: The Bombmaker.

· New locked and dangerous spaces to access and explore.

· And more!

Building 21

Going into Season 02 Building 21 will still require an access card to enter. These access cards can still be found in Al Mazrah but you will also be able to find them on Ashika Island now, too. Other changes:

· S.A.M. Site Crates

· Chopper Boss Crates

· Buy Stations

· Legendary (Orange) Crates

Al Mazrah

A plane has crashed at Sattiq Cave Complex... that's the update.

· Plane crash at Sattiq Cave Complex

Refresh and Resets

Earlier this month Call of Duty announced that progress would be wiping for DMZ players in Season 02. They have gone on to clarify this announcement further after the wording of the original blog post left many fans confused as to what was actually being reset.

· Contraband Weapons will wipe

· Key Inventories will wipe

· Faction Missions and mission progress will wipe

· Insured Weapon slots will remain

· Weapon Case rewards will remain

Call of Duty claims that too many players have struggled with the challenging missions and have been unable to unlock their second and third Insured Weapon slots due to the missions being to difficult. A new set of missions will be introduced, making it easier for players to achieve tier 3 across the board. Another given reason for the wipe is that new missions that require players to carry keys from one zone to another are coming, so it's best you have zero keys, just in case.

Infinity Ward has warned that when the Season 02 update goes live DMZ might be offline for several hours as they implement the wipe and bring in the changes to missions and other areas of the mode.

New Faction 'Crown'

There are no details to share about the new Faction coming to DMZ known as Crown. One thing we do know, which is very controversial, is that Crown missions will only be available to players who own Modern Warfare II.

Other Changes

Other changes you can expect in DMZ for Season 02.

· Enemy Tuning (AI spawning and intensity reductions)

· Spawn Points (Spreading player spawns out more)

· Mission Difficulty Tuning (Making Tier 1 - 3 easier)

· Crashes (Various bug fixes to reduce crashing)

Another blog post is expected on 8 February that will give more details about Season 02 and all of it's content. Be sure to check back here for the latest Call of Duty DMZ news and guides. You can also follow us on Twitter for daily updates.


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