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Building 21 is far more close-quarters than Al Mazrah in DMZ. Here is our top loadout recommendation.


If you've played Building 21 you'll know by now that it is a close-quarter combat heavy zone. There are very few long range engagements, if any at all. This will require you to think differently when building the loadout. We have (in our opinion) the best Loadout build that will not only help you survive, but to thrive too.


If like us you only have one Insured Weapon Slot than you are only going in with one modded weapon, so its important it is the right one. The FENNEC 45 has been the absolute meta weapon in Warzone 2 since the game launched back in November 2022.

The fire rate and accuracy of the FENNEC 45 is unmatched in Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2. DMZ is no different. It will shine particularly well in Building 21 as its such a small close range space.

FENNEC 45 Build + Tuning

Muzzle: XTEN RR-40 (+0.46 / +0.35)

Laser: VLK LZR 7MW

Stock: FTAC Locktight (-3.74 / -0.23)

Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90 (+0.31 / -0.23)

Magazine: Fennec Mag 45


Keep in mind that Building 21 is fast-paced, close-quarter combat. We have a few recommendations for which tactical to bring with you.

  • Stim - Bots are freaking savage in B21. The are going to really hurt you, a lot, often. Having a Stim will allow you to heal yourself faster.

  • Flash Grenade - A classic tactical item that will cover your enemies screens in bright white. It does work on AI too.

  • Stun Grenade - Another classic item that will drastically reduce your enemies movement and aim. It will apply this effect to AI bots.

The obvious choice here is the Stim. You really are going to need all the health you can get in Building 21.


This is another section that has various options, it really boils down to your personal playstyle.

  • Semtex - Always a good choice as it sticks to things rather than bounce and roll like the traditional frag grenade. It can stick to enemy players, AI and even the Wheelson.

  • Thermite - Another Lethal that will stick to enemies/bots, dealing heavy damage over time with burning effect. It'll peel layers of armor away pretty fast.

  • Drill Charge - The third stick-able lethal on the list with a difference, thowing the drill charge at a wall, ceiling or floor will cause a drilling effect before it explodes on the far side of the surface. Great if you can't deal damage to a team stacked up in a room.

All of these options are viable, it really comes down to your personal style. Carrying all three, if you can find them, is wise thing to do. They are all outstanding verses the Wheelson too.

Field Upgrade

Again, we have a few options with this one.

  • Munitions Box - You are going to burn through Ammo, Tacticals and Lethals. Having an Ammo box to restock is one of the most valuable assets available to you and your squad.

  • DDOS - the DDOS device will deactivate electronics in close proximity, including the Wheelson. Giving you a chance to clap back at it.

  • Bonus Option: Armor Piercing Rounds - Literally every enemy in Building 21 is armored. Using these will be useful but it is a use once item with little chance of finding a replacement box.

That is our perfect loadout for Building 21. Hopefully it helps you dominate the tight corridors and get to the elevator with plenty of loot. If you use a different loadout let us know down below what we could be using instead.

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