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Call of Duty DMZ Legion Faction Mission List Tiers 1 to 5.


Legion Faction

Legion is the first faction you have access to in. This faction consists of private military contractors that are looking to make their mark in the ongoing global conflict. Legion wants you to find out more intel on what lies in, and you’ll be given missions to accomplish just that. Once you join the Legion, you’re said to not exist on paper anymore, and your missions could be considered an act of war.

If you’re covert enough, however, you can stay submerged under the Legion banner. Although, there look to be some internal struggles that could arise as players continue to rank up in the Legion faction.

All Legion DMZ Missions

Tier 1

Al-Qatala Informant

  • Activate 1 UAV Tower

Reward: M4 (Contraband), +5000 XP

Locate and Scavenge

  • Find and loot 5 loot caches

  • Loot 5 items into your backpack

Reward: Pseudo-Private (Emblem), +5000 XP

Make Contact

  • Use your Tac-Map and ping a contract phone

  • Find a contract phone and download the intel

Reward: Double XP Token, +5000 XP

Storm the Stronghold

  • Acquire a Stronghold Keycard

  • Clear a Stronghold of enemy combatants

  • Extract the White Lotus intel found on Stronghold guards

Reward: Pendulum Blueprint, +5000 XP

Tier 2

Big Spender

  • Acquire $60.000 in cash

  • Spend $60.000 at a Shop

Reward: Cabern Boat Dock Shack Key, +7500 XP

Buried Barrels

  • Complete 1 Secure Radioactive Material contract

  • Loot 4 items from the radioactive caches

Reward: SP-R 208 (Contraband), +7500 XP


  • Destroy 6 vehicles

Reward: Pseudo-Private (Calling Card), +7500 XP


  • Capture a SAM Site

  • Wait for your captured SAM Site to shoot down an airplane

  • Loot a dropped supply drop

Reward: RPK (Contraband), +7500 XP

Key Elimination

  • Complete an Eliminate HVT contract

  • Loot a key found on an HVT or elsewhere

  • Use a key to unlock a locked space

Reward: Fanning Konig (Loading Screen), +7500 XP

Data Collection

  • Find and loot a Computer

  • Extract 4 Thumb Drives

  • Extract 5 Hard Drives

Reward: FTac Recon (Contraband), +7500 XP

Frame Job

  • Purchase an LTV with a turret at a Shop

  • Use the LTV turret to kill 10 enemies in Ahkdar Village

  • Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marsh

Reward: Anonymous (Operator Skin), +15.000 XP

Tier 3

Fort Scout

  • Travel to El Bagra Fortress

  • Loot 12 caches in El Bagra Fortress

  • Kill 30 enemies in El Bagra Fortress

Reward: .50 GS (Contraband), +10.000 XP

Dead Drop

  • Travel to Al-Mazrah City

  • Deliver 20 pieces of lethal equipment to the dumpster dead drop in the Sarwana Hotel alley, north of the Al-Mazrah City Post Office

Reward: Traveler's Luggage Key, +10.000 XP

Commanding Intel

  • Acquire a Secure Intel Contract

  • Complete a Secure Intel contract to reveal the location of an enemy Commander

  • Kill a Commander

Reward: Observers (Emblem), +10.000 XP

Good Fortune

  • Unlock Room 302 on the top floor of the Sawah Hotel

  • Loot and extract the golden .50 GS from Room 302 in the Sawah Hotel

Reward: TAQ-M (Contraband), +10.000 XP

Tactical Extraction

  • Extract 13 Gas Grenades

  • Extract 11 Gas Grenades

  • Extract 7 Snapshot Grenades

Reward: B.C. Toolbox Key, +10.000 XP

Recon Flyover

  • Acquire a Recon Drone

  • Tag 20 enemies with a Recon Drone at Hafid Port

  • Kill 30 enemies at Hafid Port

Reward: Signal 50 (Contraband), +10.000 XP

No Rushing

  • Kill 10 enemies at Al Malik Terminal with a SAKIN MG38 with a 150-Round Box Magazine and a Soshki bipod

  • Shoot down 3 reinforcement choppers at Al Malik Terminal with a SAKIN MG38 with a 150-Round Box Magazine and a Soshki bipod

Reward: Tycoon Blueprint, +20.000 XP

Tier 4


  • Deliver 20 Gas Cans to the dumpster dead drop at the train depot between Al Safwa Quarry and Rohan Oil

  • Extract 24 Molotovs or Thermite Grenades

  • Extract 23 Lighters, Comic Books, Bandages, or Documents

Reward: Double XP Token, +15.000 XP

Joy Ride

  • Kill 30 enemies while on the roof of a moving vehicle at Al Sharim Pass

  • Kill 30 enemies while leaning out of a moving vehicle at Sarrif Bay

Reward: TAQ-V (Contraband), +15.000 XP

Intelligence Control

  • Have 5 UAV towers active at the same time

Reward: Hydro Island Computer Key, +15.000 XP


  • Destroy 7 vehicles in close succession 4 times

Reward: Observers (Calling Card), +15.000 XP

Last Minute Evac

  • Acquire a Durable Gas Mask

  • Exif 3 times using the final exfil with 60K cash

Reward: Double Weapon XP Token, +15.000 XP


  • Deliver 26 Blow Torches to the dumpster dead drop at the Mawizeh Marsh gas station

  • Deliver 30 Jumper Cables to the dumpster dead drop at the Mawizeh Marsh gas station

  • Deliver 14 Car Batteries to the dumpster dead drop north of Al Malik International

Reward: RPK (Contraband), +15.000 XP

Poisoned Well

  • Acquire 6 Gas Grenades in one deployment

  • Throw 6 Gas Grenades into the open water wells in Zarqwa Hydroelectric in one deployment

Reward: Blood Soaked (Operator Skin), +30.000 XP

Tier 5

All Clear

  • Unlock 5 Strongholds in one deployment

  • Clear 5 Strongholds in one deployment

Reward: Lachmann-762 (Contraband), +20.000 XP

All Fired Up

  • Extract 3500 Pistol/SMG ammo

  • Extract 6500 AR/LMG ammo

  • Extract 1200 Shotgun ammo

Reward: Punishment (Calling Card), +20.000 XP

Battle Rivals

  • Kill 81 enemies with a FTac Recon with a Thermo-Optic X9 attached in Sa'id City

  • Kill 30 operators with a FTac Recon with a 419mm EXF Barrel attached

Reward: Special Ops Relay Station Key, +20.000 XP

Thirst For Knowledge

  • Complete 5 contracts each in less than 1:00 minute

Reward: Swamp Gas (Vehicle Skin), +20.000 XP

Good Prep

  • Deliver 90 Gas Masks to any dumpster dead drop

  • Extract 100 Radiation Blockers

Reward: Expedite 12 (Contraband), +20.000 XP

Contractual Obligations

  • Complete 8 unique contracts in a single deployment

Reward: Control Tower Key, +20.000 XP

Nail In The Coffin

  • Park a vehicle at all 4 gas stations in Zarqwa Hydroelectric

  • Plant a charge at each gas station on Zarqwa Hydroelectric with a parked vehicle

  • When all charges are set, climb to the second level of the radio tower in Zarqwa Hydroelectric and detonate

Reward: Harbinger Blueprint, +40.000 XP


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