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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

| GNG NEWS COD | Published: October 21, 2023 |


Call of Duty The Haunting has become a yearly Halloween tradition within the franchises titles. Players can enjoy the spooky period with haunted map updates, modes and of course operator bundles. This year there are lots of hidden secret challenges for players to complete. This is a list of every one that we know so far and their rewards.

The Haunting 10 Secret Challenges:

Win 1 Match of Zombie Royale as a Human

Reward: Made it Out Alive Weapon Sticker

Win 1 Match of Zombie Royale as a Zombie

Reward: Animated Emblem

Win 10 Matches of Zombie Royale

Reward: 'Apocalypse Survivor' Calling Card

Play 50 Matches of Zombie Royale

Reward: 'Witch's Ritual' Loading Screen

Encounter 5 Jump Scares when using the Haunted Box

Reward: 'Boo!' Calling Card

Win a match without dying

Reward: 'Undead Runes' Weapon Decal

Run over a Zombie

Reward: 'Apocalypse Ready' Vehicle Skin

Tag 20 enemies with the Bloodseeker grenade

Reward: 'You Can’t Hide' Calling Card

Complete the Witch's Book Easter Egg

Reward: Witch's Stick SO-14 Weapon Blueprint

Complete the Chess Board’s Easter Egg

Reward: 'Checkmate' Weapon Charm

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