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Each time you infil you will spawn at a different location. It's handy to know where enemy players may spawn near you.


Each time you infil into DMZ you will be allocated a random spawn location that. It's handy to know where these locations are not just for your own progress of mission tracking etc but it gives you clear indication where the enemy squads will be spawning close to you too.

Reddit u/FluffyPlays22 has shared a map containing all the spawn points across Al Mazrah for DMZ. Generally speaking they line the outsides of the map but some are further inland with Al Mazrah City being a hot spot.

It has been suggested that each match is filled with around 66 real players. So, trying to avoid (or engage) them in the opening of the match can be tricky. This gives you a good indication in which way to run or runaway from.

Special thanks again to u/FluffyPlays22 for putting this map together to help us all out! You can see the original post here:


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