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ALL Call of Duty Creator Codes

Applying Creator Codes gives your favourite content creators a little kick back every time you make a purchase in the store. It doesn't cost you anything extra.


The Support a Creator program allows players and fans to 'tip' their favourite creators from YouTube, Twitch and the CDL. Each purchase made by you gives a percentage to your chosen creator.

How to Apply the Creator Code

  1. Choose a Creator from the list below.

  2. Buy some COD Points.

  3. Enter the Creators Code into the Support a Creator pop-up box and press 'Add Support'. (Support a Creator can be found on the Battle Pass and Store tabs).

NOTE: Codes must be entered before item purchase. Codes must be entered in CAPITAL LETTERS.

If entered correctly, the top right of the Battle Pass / Store tabs it will say "Supporting: ...."

For every 10,000 COD Points spent, Creators will receive $5.

Call of Duty YouTube and Twitch Creator Codes

  • BennyCentral: “BENNY”

  • FaZe Booya: “BOOYA”

  • KingBraderz: “BRADERZ”

  • NoisyButters: “BUTTERS”

  • Chaos: “CHAOS”

  • CouRage: “COURAGE”

  • FaZe Crowder: “CROWDER”

  • Drfit0r: “DRIFT0R”

  • KNRG Espresso: “ESPRESSO”

  • GoldGloveTV: “GOLDGLOVE”

  • HusKerrs: “HUSKERRS”

  • JackFrags: “JACKFRAGS”

  • JGOD: “JGOD”

  • FaZe JSmooth: “SMOOTH”

  • JoeWo: “JOEWO”

  • Kor3aYn: “K3”

  • LuckyChamu: “LUCKYCHAMU”

  • MarleyThirteen: “MARLEY”


  • Michi: “MICHI”

  • NuFo: “NUFO”

  • Pizza: “PIZZA”

  • PrestigeIsKey: “PRESTIGE”

  • P4wnyhof: “P4WNYHOF”

  • Repullze: “REPULLZE”

  • ShawnJGaming: “SHAWNJ”

  • Spratt: “SPRATT”

  • FaZe Swagg: “SWAGG”

  • Symfuhny: “SYM”

  • TeeP: “TEEP”

  • Tejbz: “TEJBZ”

  • TimTheTatman: “TIMTHETATMAN”

  • Vikkstar123: “VIKK”

  • Westie: “WEST”

Call of Duty League - CDL Pro Creator Codes

  • aBeZy: “ABEZY”

  • Apathy: “APATHY”

  • Arcitys: “ARCITYS”

  • Attach: “ATTACH”

  • Blazt: “BLAZT”

  • Crimsix: “CRIM”

  • Cammy: “CAMMY”

  • Cellium: “CELLIUM”

  • Clayser: “CLAY”

  • CleanX: “CLEANX”

  • Dashy: “DASHY”

  • Denz: “DENZ”

  • Enable: “ENABLE”

  • Envoy: “ENVOY”

  • FormaL: “FORMAL”

  • GodRX: “GODRX”

  • Huke: “HUKE”

  • iLLeY: “ILLEY”


  • Kuavo: “KUAVO”

  • Mack: “MACK”

  • Methodz: “METHODZ”

  • Octane: “OCTANE”

  • Scump: “SCUMP”

  • Seany: “SEANY”

  • Shotzzy: “SHOTZZY”

  • SiLLY: “SILLY”

  • Simp: “SIMP”

  • Skrapz: “SKRAPZ”

  • Skyz: “SKYZ”

  • SlasheR: “SLASHER”

  • Vivid: “VIVID”

  • Owakening: “WAKE”

  • Wuskin: “WUSKIN”

  • ZooMaa: “ZOOMAA”

We will keep this list updated as Codes are added. Using the Support a Creator program doesn't cost you anything more than a small portion of your time and the COD Points you were probably going to spend anyway.



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