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5 New weapons coming to Warzone and Vanguard in Season 5

Season 5 is nearly here. With it comes 5 new weapons, mostly Assault Rifles.


Season 5 for Warzone and Vanguard starts this week and it brings the usual map updates, operators, challenges and battle pass. We are getting 5 new weapons to unlock and level up this time around. Let's take a look at them.

  • Season 5 launches August 24th / 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm UK / 6pm CEST

EX 1 - Available at tier 15 of the Battle Pass

Originally from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this energy rifle has unlimted ammo, favouring for an over-heating mechanic instead. According to the Call of Duty blog post, this weapon will be 'effective at long-range'.

The EX1 will be available for free to all players who play enough to reach Tier 15 of the Battle Pass.

RA 225 - High fire rate SMG

The RA 225 is a lightweight, fast fire rate SMG will be perfect for close to medium range combat. The official Call of Duty blog post warns that no other SMG can compete with this once all the right attachments are added but does warn you burn through ammo very quickly.

Players will unlock this weapon once they have reached Tier 31 of the Battle Pass. Again, this will be free to obtain for any players, if you buy the season pass or not.

Valois Revolver - Unlockable pistol available at season 5 launch

The Valois Revolver is a blend of knife and pistol. It is capable of landing one-hit melee eliminations and carries upto 6 rounds in the chamber, although the bullet damage is low.

How to unlock

  1. Purchase a bundle containing the Valois Revolver

  2. Multiplayer Challenge - Get 15 Melee Kills

  3. Zombies Challenge - Get 1000 Eliminations using a Pack-a-Punched Pistol

Midseason Weapon

Two more Assault Rifles will be released this season but we have to wait until Season 5 reloaded to get our hands on them.

  • BP50

  • Lienna 57

It's interesting that Call of Duty has opted for 2 more Assault Rifles on what seems an AR heavy game, we're guessing they have much better selling power over Sniper Rifles.



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